Saturday, February 16, 2013

Darwin's Lasting Error: Design, Not Undirected Evolution, Is the Fact

The climaterealists site has a post by Matt Ridley, essentially celebrating Charles Darwin and his seminal and central contributions to modern science (whose ruling paradigm, or fundamental assumption, is undirected evolution, not only of all the life on Earth, but the Earth itself). The following is my response:

Matt Ridley is typical of the increasingly and fundamentally incompetent scientists of the last 150 years (that is about 7 generations, of a miseducated and delusionary consensus); he knows that the consensus climate science is false, but he doesn't begin to realize that the climate consensus is false because the greenhouse theory is false, and the greenhouse theory is but the offspring of the false science of Darwinian evolution--for the "greenhouse effect" came into science as a way to explain the past "ice ages" that were thought to have sculpted the landmasses of the Earth, as part of THEIR supposed undirected "evolution".

But in fact, neither the Earth nor the life on it evolved, as evolutionists now use that term, and the core theories of both the earth and life sciences are false:

Challenge to Earth Scientists

Challenge to Science: Focus on Design

Challenge to Science III: The "gods", the Design and Man

Challenge to Science and Religion

Just as incompetent climate scientists, acting as political activists, have been trying to suppress debate and the definitive evidence against their theory for the last 20 years or more, so incompetent evolutionists like Matt Ridley, acting as political activists, have been trying to suppress debate and the definitive evidence against their theory, since the time of Darwin--who was an amateur, who considered only one childish hypothesis: Either undirected evolution of all life occurred, over many millions of years, or all life was created at one and the same time, by God. Evolution, or one-time creation; that was all Darwin considered, as readers of "The Origin of Species" can easily verify for themselves. The truth is that everything was designed, land and life alike, but not all at once. The real formative history of Earth was undoubtedly one of design, the last, revolutionary chapter of which (as uncovered and verified by me) involved a wholesale re-formation, not just of the Earth's landmasses, but the entire solar system, a re-formation that gave rise to all the myths--in fact all of the earliest and longest-lasting intellectual ideas and religious obsessions--among men. Darwin was a foolish amateur, who has misdirected the world of science for over a century and a half. And Matt Ridley is just one of a legion now of Darwin's dogmatic intellectual offspring--puppets of a long-running, false dogma in science, against any competent consideration and recognition of design in the "natural" world.

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