Thursday, August 28, 2014

CO2-Correlated Global Warming Only Occurred 1976 - 1989/90

As a non-climate scientist (a general physicist), I try to show only the most obvious examples of incompetence and/or fraud in the consensus climate science underlying the "global warming" scare stories touted by all of our trusted, supposedly authoritative institutions. I disproved the "greenhouse effect" with a simple Venus/Earth temperatures comparison; I showed that US temperatures have been falsely adjusted according to the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (which fraudulently FORCES the dependence of those temperatures upon carbon dioxide). I also long ago realized that the alarmist "climate science consensus" was based on just a relatively short period when the global mean temperature and the atmospheric carbon dioxide level both increased together, and I have pointed this out repeatedly for more than 4 years. This short-period cherry-picking (and worse) of the temperature data, on the part of politically and ideologically motivated climate scientists, going back to 1989/90, has come up once again on Bob Tisdale's blog, where I submitted the following comment:

I have pointed this out repeatedly (admittedly only on the few blogs I visit at all regularly), since the spring of 2010, just a few months after I first became aware of the global warming debate (around October 2009). I thought, for most of that time, that their cherry-picked period was 1976-2000, until this last September, at Steven Goddard’s blog, when it became clear (to me) that the actual core of the alarmists’ belief is based only upon 1976-1989/90:

My comment at Real Science Sept. 17, 2013

(See the graph at the link I provided within that comment, from USAToday in 2010. I called it fraudulent science as soon as I saw it presented to the public there.)

And I added:

…and the best (and earliest) paper I saw (in the spring of 2010) showing the clear (detailed) cause-effect relationship between ENSO events [i.e., natural variability in the climate system, not the "greenhouse" or any human-caused effect] and the global mean temperature was Prof. Horst Malberg’s March 2009 article, in German, “La Niña – El Niño und der solare Einfluss: Die Klimaentwicklung 1950 – 2008″ (“La Niña – El Niño and the Solar Influence: The Climate Trend 1950 – 2008″).

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