Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dogma Is the Deeper Problem Today

Steven Goddard has a post on "1950 scientific consensus", which included the belief that "continents don't move". My response:

The continents were moved by design, at least into their present shapes and distribution. The design is so exact (the probability is one in a million million that they were placed by chance), and the supposed continental movements today so small, that it would take several hundred thousand years for them to move away from the designed placement (and that placement is but one small aspect of the design, which encompasses both the terrestrial and celestial spheres, and the entire solar system). And it has been only about 10 to 20 thousand years since the design was made, upon which all of the ever-popular "ancient mysteries" of man were afterwards based.

But today, almost everyone is bent on expressing their disdain for ideas that don't fit the dogmas they have come to embrace (religiously)--confrontation, or knee-jerk condescension and dismissal, rather than professional consideration--and those who explicitly want to consider other ideas (like "tallbloke's talkshop" or, in the wider arena, self-righteous, dangerous fools like Barack Obama) are indiscriminate in their considerations, and no more open than anyone else to the definitive truth, when it is presented to them (and no, I'm not perfect either, I'm just the discoverer of definitive new knowledge, of that great design of the "gods" who once were known and, unsurprisingly, worshipped, worldwide). There is a crisis of general scientific incompetence because of this long-nurtured embrace of dogma (of current, public, politically correct consensus) over dispassionate, strict reason, with a general inability to identify and focus upon definitive evidence that does not fit entirely, or even well, with anyone's prejudices (among those who broadcast their views, especially--they being particularly certain they know the truth).

There is no solid foundation to any of the earth and life sciences today. The central theories in both--plate tectonics and undirected evolution--are simply, inescapably disproved by the design I have found and verified, many times over. They are poorly engineered--out of ever-hopeful but incompetent speculation--and do not work, as you engineers would say.

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