Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Central Mystery of the Earth and Man -- Solved

The tallbloke site has another post on "Advanced Geometry Used By Prehistoric Architects", in the U.S. Southwest in this instance, with the "Pueblo Indians" of c. 1200 AD. Their buildings incorporated equilateral triangles, 45° and other "Pythagorean", or right, triangles, and the "golden rectangle" (whose longer side is 1.618 times as long as the shorter side). The post begins, "Another one to add to the ‘how and why did they do that?’ list of ancient sites. Years of research lie ahead." My response:

I have already done the years of research; I have already found the answer, 20 years ago now.

Equilateral triangles, right triangles (including the 45°), and the "golden rectangle" (this last is the proper clue to consider, to the real mystery) -- These are indeed easy to construct (the golden rectangle can be gotten from the 2:1 rectangle and its diagonal); all that is really required is to have the idea of each one, and an accurate method of construction is almost child's play. I would think the building of well-constructed walls, which has been obvious from the time the Pueblo buildings were first known, is harder. The "hardest" geometrical element would be the right angle, and the idea of constructing the perpendicular bisector of a line solves that (and anyone who chooses even as a child to devote himself to angular constructions could reinvent that wheel for himself, shortly after he realized he could use a cord to mark off distances accurately). Of course, the architects would have to have been more than just primitive hunter-gatherers, at some time prior to the building, and had the leisure time to consider such things; but again, we have known this all along for those people. In other words, they were CIVILIZED, in a thoroughly modern sense, as shown by their knowledge of geometric shapes and their competent building with same.

These were built, they say, c. 1200 AD. Compare that with the much more advanced Greeks and Euclid (who DID have writing), c. 300 BC. And don't say they can't be compared, as all I am saying is that the Greeks of 300 BC were not more innately intelligent than the Pueblo "Indians" of 1200 AD. Indeed, we absolutely know, not only from the written works of various "ancient" peoples, but the creative "myths" of all ancient peoples (with many ideas and precise details in common), that they had minds as good as ours today, when they weren't obsessed with bloody religious dogmas, long inherited.

The only real clue to the greater mystery--why should peoples, worldwide, have thought of these precise shapes at all--is the golden rectangle, which by itself shows that peoples on opposite sides of the world had that same idea, and expressed it. That proves what I said in the last paragraph, that the people of 300 BC can and should be compared with those 1500 years later, as far as their geometrical imaginations went. Why the golden rectangle?

But you have been asking that question, not only about the ancient peoples, but about the solar system, for some time now (and your forebears have done the same, for centuries, as the various CIVILIZATIONS of the past have re-emerged from exploration of the world).

And as I have told you before, the amazing answer is that it goes back to a common inheritance, of a great design at the heart of ancient peoples' imaginations and religious beliefs. And even that idea has been speculated on, long before this.

But no one, before me, has discovered THE great design, which is not speculative at all, but a proven fact (by me and me alone).

The golden ratio is the mark of that great design, which encompasses both the Earth and all the life on it (that ratio is present in the DNA molecule itself), AND the entire solar system.

That great design--I call it "The Great Design of the 'gods' "--is the next scientific paradigm, replacing the "undirected evolution" paradigm so vehemently defended today.

And that is why you also cannot trust today's theories, insofar as they are based on the false assumptions underlying the undirected evolution paradigm. Everything was CONSTRUCTED (even the reproductive machinery of life); it didn't simply "EVOLVE" into what we observe today.


  1. oldmanK from tallbloke site. Do visit this, from 5000bce.

    Its a calendar from 7000 yrs ago -recent update in dating. It converts an image of sunrise during the year into a linear motion -- equal movement in equal time.

    1. Good Afternoon, oldmanK,

      I looked briefly at the link you provided, although I already knew what I would find there, more or less. That "calendar" is constructed, using stone alignments, to keep track of the sunrise point on the local horizon over the course of the year. It was made by man, and there are many other similarly-purposed megalithic monuments around the world, the most famous perhaps being Stonehenge in England.

      It is important that, as deeply and continually interesting as these many sites have been, they are but one class of Ancient Mysteries, about which there has been much speculation in the last four centuries, but no sure answers.

      What my research focused upon was finding an objective ORIGIN, or verifiable scientific answer, to ALL of the ancient mysteries, every class of them. Over nineteen years ago, I found a great design, imposed upon the whole sphere of the Earth and upon the celestial sphere as seen from Earth, which I found to be the single origin of all those ancient mysteries. Let me state this more forcefully, so the reality as I found it is clear: The Earth's entire surface was deliberately re-formed and its motions in space (as defined by its orbital and spin axes) were deliberately changed to the present orientations. The entire solar system was also deliberately re-formed, by the addition of new planets, the introduction of a new Sun as its central body, and the change of its orientation in space (nearly all of the planets orbit in nearly the same plane--the ecliptic--as the Earth does, and the Sun itself spins about roughly the same axis, so proving the Earth's orbital axis changed simultaneously proves the whole solar system was changed to follow it). The simplest, clearest evidence proving the Earth's surface re-formation is in my 2009 posts, "Challenge to Earth Scientists" and "Challenge to Science II: Focus on Design". Similarly, the simplest evidence proving the re-orientation of the Earth's orbit (and therefore the re-orientation of the entire solar system) is in the post, "Challenge to Science III: The gods, the Design, and Man". (The Earth orbits in the ecliptic plane, and the axis normal to that plane is the ecliptic axis; the "Challenge...III" post reveals the precise(!) former position of the north pole of the ecliptic, before it was changed to its present, also precisely known, orientation--c. 15,100 BC, a date which the design provides precisely.)

      In other words, the evidence I uncovered is new, and actually has nothing to do with the much later efforts of ancient man, to establish the new alignments ruling their seasons, and their new, local "east, west, north and south" directions.

  2. Good Morning Harry,

    Didn't know about the above, and your visit to my site.

    Harry you have missed a lot in your visit. Two important points: 1) you will not find any calendar like that elsewhere on earth. 2) it is the mathematical design of the whole series of calendars, over a period of more than three thousand years that is very important because it reveals a human knowledge far advanced than any thought previously. Do go through the whole site again and digest carefully - it is not an ordinary site but one for those who mentally study the implied.

    Calendars are an answer to a need, an agrarian one; a basic, down-to-earth need; but one from from a species that had already developed agriculture to a great extent. Nothing esoteric or religious. Do not miss that.

    I have two books -subjects related- which you can peruse the earlier parts on the Amazon site. One last very important thing here: all or most is supported with solid proof. Inescapable.

  3. oldmanK,

    It may seem that I denigrated your work by giving those calendars too short shrift, but consider your own words above: " is the mathematical design...over...more than three thousand years that...reveals a human knowledge far advanced than any thought previously."

    The point is, that ancient, yet advanced, human knowledge had an even more advanced origin, and the design I uncovered is that origin; the mathematics inherent in man-made structures, depending upon the Sun rising on the local horizon, is but the locally accessible, locally addressable, portion of that used by the "gods", in re-structuring the landmasses of the Earth, and creating their great design. It is all applied spherical geometry, but later mankind had--in addition to only a highly fragmented remembrance of what the "gods" not only knew but did--only the local horizon to work with, and only an upward view, particularly of the Sun rising above the horizon (which, by the way, had an unavoidable, religious meaning for man, worldwide; the Sun was worshipped by all, once). The "gods", while they created an Earth-centered design, were not in any way limited to the Earth, and in fact not only re-formed the whole surface of the Earth (and the entire solar system), but oriented their world-design to the actual motions of the Earth in space, which was their way of communicating "We made all of this, as you see it now", to anyone who might later re-discover that design. I was given the great gift, as it were, of making--and thoroughly verifying, with solid proof far beyond that of any later, man-made design--that re-discovery of the Great Design of the "gods", by an earthbound man.

    What you have uncovered is of utmost importance, have no fear; but it is only a patch in the history of man trying to retain a small but precise comprehension of the physical deeds of the "gods".