Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My New Knowledge Explains the "Ancient Mysteries" and Overthrows Ignorant Modern Debates

The American Thinker site has a post on "Confusing the Evolution Debate". After reading it and the comments following it, my response:

Everybody has an opinion, and the opinions are, so far, hopelessly divided. I am a hard scientist, who has made the greatest discovery in history, of what I call "the Great Design of the 'gods'". As such, I seek only to inform of the revolutionary new knowledge I have uncovered and brought together to scientifically verify, along every line of study, the reality of that Design; but neither side in the dogmatic debates will abide the introduction of that necessary new knowledge. I have no need of opinion, nor -- more importantly -- no need of the false dogmas on either side of the vain, ongoing intellectual war over Darwinian -- a.k.a., undirected -- evolution. The ancient religious dogmas, still harbored in every religion, originated in the Great Design of the 'gods', especially in the images wrought upon the Earth's surface (mirrored in the constellations invented for the celestial sphere) in that Design. The modern dogma of the extended Darwinian paradigm -- which assumes that not only all the life on Earth, but the Earth itself, "evolved" through undirected (i.e., not directed by intelligence) physical processes alone (like convenient cosmic accidents early in its supposed history, or "plate tectonics" in its later and present phase) -- is wrong, and through my discovery has been superseded. That is the reality mankind must face.

There is no logical need to make the debate one of "God", or even "First Cause", vs. "Chance", but that is what evolutionists have done, because Chance, by itself, fails (has always failed) the theory of evolution at every turn (I myself always point to the deep and wide -- and often, in many individual examples, blatantly indicative of design -- phenomenon of supposed "co-evolution" as the definitive evidence against the theory). Evolutionists could not have gone so long in denial of the obvious designs if they did not have "God" to rail against, thus claiming that anyone who disagrees with them is a religious crank.

Make no mistake: The present debate(s) over "evolution" are obsolete, and religious and scientific dogmatists are both wide of the mark. Science and religion alike need fundamental correction. They leave out what the 'gods" did; what I have proved they did (to any reasonable mind; but not, of course, to those who ridiculously claim -- dogmatically of course, and falsely -- that "science never proves anything").

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