Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Scientific Paradigm Must Change

The backreaction site of physicist Sabine Hossenfelder has a post asking "Is the Inflationary Universe a Scientific Theory?" (and answering "no", which is notable in this era of scientific dogmatism in favor of the "consensus"). After reading the comments there, the following was my response:

All of this is in vain. JimV's comment above, containing the key word "evolved", applied unquestioningly to the material universe, is what needs light. The "big bang" itself is not a correct scientific theory, and the added hypothesis of "early inflation" merely hides that fact (it is a classic example of piling on more unsupported assumptions to save a bad theory).

Physics has fallen into the same hole as all of the earth and life sciences; that hole is the extended Darwinian paradigm, that everything "evolved" by undirected (not intelligently directed) physical processes alone. It is that underlying paradigm of scientific investigation that is wrong, wrong-headed and incompetent. Believing in that is where all of modern science began going wrong, and stubbornly continues going wrong.

Scientists have increasingly been merely wasting their time, over the last two generations, since the "consensus" was hardened into unquestionable dogma, and everyone has just been digging deeper into the darkness, as it were, of fundamental ignorance and misdirection.

I have proved -- outside of the peer-review system, which is religiously hostile to fundamental correction of the "consensus", and a hopeless mess for anyone like me with such fundamental correction in hand -- that the surface of the Earth, and the entire solar system, was re-formed wholesale (and very recently, only roughly 20,000 to 10,000 years ago), and a coherent design imposed upon it, intended to convey a comprehensive message to mankind on Earth (and that design is in fact the single objective origin of all the "ancient mysteries", and all of mankind's earliest and longest lasting religiously-held beliefs).

Having found and verified that all-encompassing, late re-design of the physical world, it is obvious to me -- as it should and will be, to anyone who follows in my scientific footsteps -- that all of the life on Earth is similarly the work of design (an earlier, and much finer, design); and both that design and the Earth re-design showcase the same underlying mathematics (that of the "golden section" and its essential presence in the processes of growth and reproduction, indicating their design just as it does in the late Earth re-design). Further, it becomes obvious that the very atoms of physical matter must also be the work of (an even earlier, and much finer) design (the periodic table of the elements fairly screams this as the fact, since it shows the clear pattern followed in that design, that produces only these elements, and no continuous progression between them producing an infinity of elements).

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