Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Climate Science Not the Greatest Hoax, After All

I have submitted the following comment to Alan Caruba's Warning Signs site, where the subject is "The Greatest Hoax", referring to the "global warming" hysteria:

I am an independent (and therefore unwanted) physicist (64 years old, and educated before the great educational train wreck of the last 40 years, which has miseducated the last two generations of physical scientists), and I disproved the "greenhouse effect" supposed to underpin the global warming hysteria, with the definitive evidence I know is needed to correct climate science. It is not just the man/woman on the street who pays no attention, what is frightening to me is that there are no climate or atmospheric scientists competent enough, or honest enough, to listen to that definitive (and quite simple, for a scientist) evidence.

I have been saying for some time that all of our institutions (AAAS, NAS, APS, AGU, etc.) have been suborned by the incompetent climate consensus (and of course, the cheerleading media). What makes this climate hoax greater than even the insiders among the "consensus skeptics" (a.k.a. "deniers") know, is that the greater the authority of the institution, the more its subornation is tied to a religious belief in evolution theory. That is to say, they think that opposition to the global warming idea is tied to a "creationist" denial of evolution (when they don't put such "denial" down to the evil of "Big Oil corporations").

And it is, in a larger context that both they AND the skeptics don't yet even imagine can possibly be true: The bad theory behind global warming is just the tail of the dog of the general evolution paradigm, that science has hewed to since Darwin: That everything we observe in the natural world is the product of undirected physical processes, without any deliberate design as even most scientists believed before Darwin. In such a paradigm, the Earth is all too easily seen as unstable (rather than the harmonious, repeating dynamic stability man has observed throughout history), and therefore can be subject to runaway climate ("ice ages", as well as "global warming"). That paradigm is now failing, increasingly openly, as the incompetence of scientists grows, as they struggle to tack on layer after layer of theoretical "natural" processes--like the non-existent "greenhouse effect"--to their "explanations". I am the only scientist in the world, so far as I know, who really, professionally knows this, because of my discovery and verification of the "great design of the gods", the highly fragmented and misunderstood knowledge of which--passed down by the "gods" to their offspring, historical man--was responsible for all the "ancient mysteries" of mankind's most ancient religiously-held beliefs.


  1. I'm sure you're not the only one. There are many countries that do not accept the scientific dogmas, but their knowledge is limited to them.

    I'm sure WUWT would've labelled you a crank based on the disproof of the GHG and any mention of religion. I cannot imagine the childish name-calling.

  2. Good Morning,

    I know there are others of similar mind to myself, to a limited extent, but all those I have yet encountered in my reading struggle essentially to speculate (from one unproved theory or another) upon a greater truth--so you see people saying things like "God created everything, but he also created the mechanisms by which living things evolve". I, on the other hand, have definitively discovered the hard fact, that the "gods" of ancient myth really existed, and made the world as we know it today--that is the real history of this world, for both good and bad.

    Those who would fight with scientists on the basis of their belief in God are fundamentally deluded--first and foremost, because a fundamentally true idea of God--as the necessary, real meaningfulness behind all the meaning of our existence--does not need defending. The false idea of God of many religions, past and present (particularly of bloody-minded ones, like jihadist Islam or Old Testament Christianity, which insist upon a "jealous" God demanding "surrender" or "death"), is really only a confusion of the true God--a priori meaningfulness of all that is--with the physically real "gods" who taught ancient mankind all it knew, and opened the door of our own continued learning (while saddling us with fearful and bloody-minded, but religiously-held misunderstandings) ever since.

  3. You obviously rely on selling books for your income as all of your claimed knowledge is kept firmly within their pages, so that only by the reading of them can we too become "enlightend". I was planning on buying one, so don't fret. This is just another little piece of friendly irreverence because I think you deserve some.

    1. If my books were selling well enough, I would happily rely on them; they don't and I don't, so disabuse yourself of that notion. You are also wrong (and, I'm beginning to see, somewhat wrong-headed) to think my knowledge is only to be found in my books; you have either not bothered to study my past posts to find where I have communicated quite specific knowledge of the "Great design of the gods", or have dismissed any that you have found. Let me just tell you, all that I have written is an ongoing experiment to find a mass audience, or at least a substantial, appreciative one, for my unprecedented discoveries. Insofar as my attempts have not been successful, though I have presented only the simplest and most definitive evidence of the design, I do not keep throwing more out there; if no one, or only one or two, respond positively to the very best evidence which I have presented so far, that tells me that the world is not ready to hear it. This is confirmed by the fact that my books are NOT selling well, or much at all (although that is probably due as much to the cost of the books, which unfortunately I can't remedy, since they are full of color illustrations).

      I hope you do buy the 2-volume "The End of the Mystery" (I put out a 2-volume version because I could sell it cheaper--believe it or not). But from what you have written here, and the lack of reaction (especially positive reaction) I have received from most of those who have bought it so far, I don't have high expectations you will find it worth your while. My reverence is for the truth, and, in this case, the truth of the objective origin of the world as we now find it, both physically and intellectually.