Monday, July 30, 2012

Politics Spreading the Delusion: A Case in Point

P. Gosselin's Notrickszone site has a post on Australian "shrinks" deludedly spouting off against climate skeptics.  I submit the following response:

I have known for some time that the public climate debate needs a thorough review by psychologists, maybe even psychiatrists (NOT sociologists, who self-importantly invented the term "post-normal science" to justify their unjustified intrusion into that debate). But they need specifically to observe and ultimately expound upon those promulgating and/or defending the climate consensus, not those criticizing and/or denying it. (I for example am proud to stand up and deny the "greenhouse effect" completely, as a competent physicist--not a climate scientist, who have all been miseducated--who rather easily and quickly uncovered the definitive evidence against that hypothesis, with my Venus/Earth temperatures comparison; and it is telling that none of the usual gang of climate bloggers (much less any other academic "experts"), on either side of the debate, has been able to wrap their minds around that definitive evidence, though it should be the front-page news worldwide. That is no doubt because everyone wants to present a complete climate theory--this psychological need is central to the whole, ongoing farce--and my Venus/Earth analysis, so far, merely destroys the consensus theory, with a simple, obvious, and overwhelming fact.)

So this news of Australian "shrinks" (psychiatrists, rather than psychologists, I suppose) bloviating upon precisely the wrong camp in the debate, rather than upon those incompetently promulgating or deluded by the consensus, is just another strong indication that the world is deeply invested in the wider, and scientifically incompetent, Left vs. Right POLITICAL debate over climate policies, and judging according to their political prejudices, rather than according to verifiable, good science. The "shrinks" will not be addressing reality until they understand the climate consensus is incompetent, and seek to uncover why it has nevertheless prospered, to the point of suborning all of our institutions.

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