Friday, July 20, 2012

The Insane War, a War of Dogmas

Something of what is going on in the world, affecting the fundamental processes by which our civilization works, can be seen at the Pajamas Media and invisibleserfscollar sites, where I have submitted the following comments:

At Pajamas Media, concerning "the 3 great scams of our time":

All three of these "scams" really depend, not upon conspiracy per se, but upon a general incompetence, of the uninformed populace but also of the "experts", who were supposedly well-educated to BE experts--but are in fact not.

It is the incompetence brought about by long-held, religiously held, dogma, culminating in our time on many fronts, in many fields, but most especially in science, the very home of objective thought and understanding.

The human race is at war with unquestioned dogmas, some of them rooted in pre-history, in the earliest myths (which played the part of authoritative science in the truly ancient world, before the rise of the known civilizations). There is new scientific knowledge concerning those earliest and most divisive, most violent, most religious dogmas, that could dissipate much senseless hatred in the world today. But that newly civilizing knowledge is not welcome among the mandarins of academic science, the arbiters of what may be discussed, and who may be considered expert.

What makes this time insane, is that the supposed experts in every field are incompetent. The intellectual and psychological forces at work are beyond their blindered scientific understanding--their obsolete understanding, based upon too small a time frame, too small a sample of, essentially, scientific fads.

"Who knows only his own generation remains always a child."
And at InvisibleSerfsCollar:

Today's world is a war of dogmas, which have been long held, for varied time periods up to and including all of known history and more, and thus well entrenched. This is true even in the hard sciences, which are all in an unrecognized crisis of incompetence, characteristic of the times (although the false dogmas there are only a century or two old--still enough to be taken as gospel today). A good watchphrase is, "He who knows only his own generation remains always a child." A people taught from youth only according to what are essentially the fads of the decade, or the generation, or even the century, is a civilization started on a downward slope, that accelerates suddenly to the point of dislocation and violent confrontation of opposing ideas. Only new knowledge, new real expertise, about the far past can harmonize the many divisive dogmas currently at war in our society and in the world. And academics have been brought up in recent generations to dismiss and deny the new knowledge that is in fact coming out, through individuals like me (and especially by me, as I am an independent physicist with hard knowledge that corrects both science and religion, about the true origin of the world, and its continuing myths, as we know it).

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