Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Emergent Phenomenon", or Design

The wuwt site has a post putting forth the idea of global temperature variations, or climate, as an "emergent phenomenon", and hopefully suggesting that idea might be a new paradigm for understanding "climate". I submitted the following comment:

The mean global temperature of the atmosphere is not an "emergent" phenomenon, but simply a designed one. No one has yet demonstrated to my professional scientific satisfaction that there has even been any real global (as opposed to regional) warming over the period of modern temperature records; it is entirely unclear that climate scientists are even properly measuring the true global mean surface temperature, that they may not after all have been merely identifying multidecadal ocean temperature oscillations as "global mean surface temperature".

"Emergent phenomena" is just a false euphemism for a very real design of the world (as is every other design-denying term that has been invented by defenders of the undirected evolution paradigm, to avoid admitting the rather obvious designs scientists and laymen alike can observe just about any day, if their eyes and minds are open to recognizing them--look, for example, at the flowers, and their characteristic so-called "co-evolution" with animals and plants, a fundamental characteristic entirely counter to the expectations of, and thus disproving, undirected evolution). The next paradigm, as only my research has uncovered, is a rebirth of appreciation for the world design, as most recently redone by the "gods" of ancient worldwide myths, in a wholesale re-formation of the Earth's surface (designed to communicate their deeds to any future mankind capable of seeing and interpreting it), only 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.


  1. I have a question: What's your view on "Ancient Aliens"?

  2. Good Morning,

    My view on that topic is enlightened by my finding and verification of the world-encompassing design at the heart of all the "ancient mysteries", what I call the Great Design of the "gods". The only "ancient aliens" I know, as real historical beings, were those who made the Great Design, taught mankind everything that was later echoed in all the ancient myths and other ancient testimonies of peoples worldwide, and thus inaugurated all of mankind's religiously-held ideas and the consequent unfolding of human history, with its perennial trials and tribulations, over just those original, religiously-held ideas. Mankind's highest intellectual endeavors (including science), as well as its lowest--the good as well as the bad--all emerge out of a shattered human remembrance of the time, and the world-changing deeds, of the "gods".